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Flip Flop Season

Y’all Massachusettsans are crazy! It eked above 40 degrees today and I spotted the first flip flops of the season on a kid walking home from school. It’s as sure of a sign of spring as the robins that have been invading the hill the past couple days. In fact, I saw my first robin the same day as the snowstorm that never came – clearly they knew something the meteorologists didn’t! I haven’t gone so far as to get my sandals out of storage, but I did take advantage of the beautiful day to work outside and in the greenhouse all day. We’re supposed to get one more cold front coming through (on my birthday of course), and then it’s all 40s and blue skies from there. I haven’t been this excited for 40s since college!

With a lovely white blanket still on the fields, it’s looking like another delayed start to the season. It’s a shame too – with my beds already made from last year, I had lofty plans to seed peas a week ago…but I’m pretty sure they won’t germinate in snow! Regardless, it’s shaping up to be another fantastic year. With the newly minted CSA selling out in 5 days, I’m launching an alternative called a CSA Card that can be used at both the Monday pickups and the Wednesday Grafton Market. I tested it out on a few regulars last season and they loved it, as do I. It’s a super-flexible way to support the farm. The upfront expenses of seeds, supplies, and labor early in the season are steep, while veggies are a labor of love and patience. Without the revenue from pre-selling CSA shares and now CSA Cards, we don’t start earning anything back until the year is half over.

The CSA Card is essentially a gift card that you purchase at the start of the season and then use throughout the season. In return for investing in your health and the farm, you get a bonus added to your card. Plus you make my day, which is all the reward you really need right?

It’s all automated – it uses the same card reader that allows me to take credit card on my phone – so you get receipts emailed to you every time it’s used. And don’t worry, you’ll never forget it because I keep them on a keychain in my cash box. Easy peasy! Questions? Reply to this email. Ready to order? You can choose from the 3 levels ($300, $450, and $600) directly on the website!

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