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Our 2019 CSA registration sold out in 3 days! But don’t panic, you can still get our fresh organic eggs and veggies – check out our CSA Card program. Click here to learn more and to sign-up. 

The Market

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  • Swiss chard

    $3.00 / bunch Only 3 left in stock

    It took a little longer to join the party, but chard is here! If you’re not sure about swiss chard – sautee in butter, add minced fresh garlic and white whine, braise until it’s as tender as you like it.  You’ll be a convert.

  • All heirloom varieties, we’ll harvest what looks best that day. From the tunnel and oh so delicious!

  • Salad Turnips

    $3.00 / bunch In stock

    Tokyo Market Turnips aka Salad Turnips aka Hakurei Turnips. Call them what you want, these are a light summer delight. Crisp, juicy, delicious – they go great cut up in salad, dipped in hummus, or just plain with a bit of salt. Or roast them, but they don’t need long! Sold by the bunch.