Welcome to Potter Hill Farm!

Our 2019 CSA registration sold out in 3 days! But don’t panic, you can still get our fresh organic eggs and veggies – check out our CSA Card program. Click here to learn more and to sign-up. 

The Market

Best Sellers


    These flavorful and pungent red and yellow cooking onions are just the thing for soups and stews…. and every other recipe that starts with some chopped onion in a hot pan.  These open-pollinated beauties are called Rossa Milano and Dakota Tears, which live up to their name.  If kept in a cold, dark, dry place, these onions should keep well into the spring.

  • Celeriac

    ~ $3.00 / each Approx. 1.00 lbs

    Celeriac is a root vegetable with a mild celery flavor.  Great in soups and stews, mashed with potatoes, or shredded to make a slaw.

  • Butternut Squash

    ~ $5.50 / each Approx. 3.66 lbs

    Fall = butternut squash season. Stock up! We did. Ours ran out so I got more from our friends at Upswing Farm. These will be bigger than the squash from the last few weeks.

  • We grow a few different varieties of beets, so you may find a mix available. Chioggia are striped inside, Touchstone are golden, and Dertroit Dark are deep purple.  As we get further into fall, the dark purple varieties will dominate.