Welcome to Potter Hill Farm!

Pickup location: 64 Potter Hill Rd, Grafton, MA 01519

The Market

Best Sellers

  • Lettuce

    $3.00 / each

    Loose leaf head lettuce.  All heirloom varieties, we’ll harvest what looks best that day.

  • Best eggs around – pastured and organically fed, you’ll taste the difference. Happy healthy chickens make happy healthy eggs!

  • Kale

    $3.00 / bunch

    Fresh, tender kale.  Will beat the pants off any old kale you find at the grocery store.  Bunches may be either green stemmed Vates or red stemmed Red Russian.  We’ll pick whichever looks best.  Both are open-pollinated heirloom varieties.

  • Finally spinach! Not tatsoi, our best-selling “Asian spinach”. Real good spinach. Eat it raw or just wilt it, delicious no matter how you serve it. Comes in 1/3 pound bags.