My name is Paul Grady and I run Potter Hill Farm in Grafton atop a quiet mile-long hill with incredible views of Worcester and Mt Wachusett. The property is part of 500 contiguous preserved acres and surrounded by hiking trails. We specialize in great-tasting heirloom vegetable varieties, and all of our produce is organically grown. Visitors are encouraged not only by the friendly farmers, but by our chatty flock of pastured poultry. Community is the cornerstone of our farm – the farm would not exist without your support.

If you are unfamiliar with a CSA, it’s a relatively new and wonderful concept from the farmer’s perspective – the upfront expenses of seeds, supplies, and labor early in the season are steep, while veggies are a labor of love and patience. By paying at the start of the season, your CSA money keeps the farm afloat financially until the harvest starts. In return, you will receive 8 weeks of our farm fresh veggies in the summer (with an option for 8 more weeks in the fall).

It’s a great way to support a local farm, but you, the consumer, benefit equally in this partnership. Just to name a few of the many benefits (click to expand):

Eat seasonally

Forget all the diets, rules, buzz words, and supplements. The easiest way to eat and be healthy is to eat what’s in season. Tomatoes picked green, gassed to ripen, and shipped around the world are completely different in taste and nutrition than a tomato left to ripen on the vine, picked and enjoyed the same day.

Avoid the grocery store trap

Corporations spend millions studying our shopping habits in order to sell us food we don’t need. And millions more trying to trick our tastes so that we become addicted to it. Unsurprisingly, it’s not healthy food they’re trying to sell us!

Get out of your comfort zone

No more food ruts! Instead of you choosing dinner, let the veggies you get each week choose for you! There might be veggies you’ve never even heard of before, but chances are high you’ll love them once you know how to use them (we’ll help you with that).

Bonus Veggies

Your reward for committing to a season is typically an extra 5-10% depending on the season.

Below are the details and logistics of the CSA program by season:
Summer CSA
-Shares will be a medium size only, with a target value of $32.50. I hope/expect to go over the target value by 10% for the season as a thank you for committing to the CSA. Often I will buy in supplemental veggies from friends’ farms that will be available for purchase at pickup for those of you who really love your veggies.
-It will run for 10 weeks, with two skip weeks, so 8 weeks of veggies. Dates are 6/28-8/30. You don’t have to skip two weeks, you’ll just need to pay the weekly share price ($32.50) for the extra week(s).
-The share price is $260 ($32.50×8 weeks).
-Friday PM (3-6ish) staffed pickup, and Saturday morning self-serve (mostly)
-Egg Shares will be available for $60 for 8 weeks of eggs.
-Payment can be made at your convenience, and it doesn’t have to be all at once.

Fall CSA
-Commitments and payment will be collected toward the end of the summer share.
-Same size share and the same target value.
-It will run for 9 weeks, with one skip, so again 8 weeks of veggies. Dates are 9/6-11/1. I, and thus you too, get a skip week over Labor Day weekend.
-Same share price of $260
-Same pickup arrangements
-Egg CSA also available for $60.

Questions? Email me at potterhillfarm@gmail.com. Ready to commit? Sign up below!

Thank you for your support!