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In Like a Lion

Wow, what a couple weeks! 70s in February, 70 MPH winds in March. You never know what’s going to happen next! Actually, I’m looking into the future now and there is delicious, handmade sausage in it. And chocolates? Jeff has clearly been busy in the kitchen as he has 14 different sausages for sale, plus lots of other goodies. As an added bonus, for meat customers only, we will have fresh eggs for sale…assuming the ladies survived this wind!

So, it seems like the CSA was a hit! I was hoping to get 5 people signed up in the first 5 days. How about 35?! And a few people on the wait list to boot. If you think you signed up but haven’t heard back from me, please let me know. CSA checks have started to roll in, just in time to help pay some big early season bills. This morning I put in a $2,500+ supplies order, to go along with over $1,200 in seeds ordered in January, and a $1,500 equipment order last week. The tractor needs to be split (again) and fixed and then comes almost 4 full months of work before we make our first sale in mid-June. Farming certainly is a funny business, so you can see why I’m so appreciative to all who took the leap and joined the CSA!

That CSA boat may have sailed, but fear not, there will be another boat that will launch as soon as I put the finishing touches on it. It will be a “CSA Card” and can be used at our regularly Monday pickups or the Grafton Market on Wednesdays. I did a test run with 5 customers last season, and they loved it! Stay tuned.

I’ve had a hard time adjusting to non-80s weather and not being in the pool with the little one, but fortunately February was quite kind to this wannabe snowbird. March seems like it may have a little more ‘tude, just like my 20 month old (going on 16). I’m itching to get my hands in the dirt, but I’ll have to settle for some potting soil as soon as it arrives next week. Onions will be first to be seeded, with so much more to follow. Can’t wait!

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