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Oink Oink

Unless we add goats to the mix (not happening!), I promise this is the last animal sounds themed newsletter. Really it’s more like ‘squeal squeal’ because these piglets are big talkers. If you haven’t already, head on over to our new Facebook page to check out more pictures and watch these guys grow!

Best Buds

Our ladies up on the hill are laying like gangbusters all of a sudden. I’ve started a pre-buy weekly egg share until the markets start back up. Basically you pay a month at a time and reserve yourself a dozen organically fed, pastured eggs that you can pick up at your convenience.  Reply to this email if interested in signing up!

It’s a meat week so don’t forget to get your meat orders in to Jeff – I fried up some of Jeff’s famous bacon this morning to have with my eggs, Zach’s bread (you can get some at Plantapalooza today), and Couet Farm’s Adelisca cheese. That’s a breakfast of champions…or this farmer at least!

Finally, if you’re reading this Saturday morning, be sure to head over to the  Plantapalooza at Community Harvest Project – it runs till 1pm. They have a huge variety of plants, and it all supports their great mission. See you there!

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