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Potter Hill’s first foray into social media – we are now on Facebook! We’ve managed to avoid caving to the demands for posting cute piglet pictures for this long, but 2016 is a new year. Here’s a list of unlikely candidates who beat us to Facebook: my mother (happy day after Mother’s Day all y’all moms!), my older brother (who thinks it’s called FaceSpace), and Short Creek Farm (?!). Who knows, maybe we’ll join Snapchat next…whatever that is! Be sure to like our page to get your fill of happy pigs, busy hens, handsome oreo cookie cows, tiny sprouts, recipes, America’s funniest farm videos, meat share prices, and all the farm news…like that those busy hens just laid their first eggs of the season!

And that we’re still looking for a paid intern. If you enjoy working hard and eating like a king, please apply ASAP. I need some serious help to grow all that good food! My last hire fell through at the last minute, so please share with anyone who may be interested. The position is for now through October or November. Click here for the full job description.

Unfortunately, there’s not much for an update on the garden – hurry up and wait some more. Supposedly that big warm yellow orb in the sky will reappear this morning and stay out through Thursday. It’s been so long I forget what it’s called. If this indeed happens, the fields should dry out enough that I’ll get my little tractor into the garden to make raised beds for those poor onions and leeks, who have been waiting far too long to go in the ground. Fingers crossed!