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In continuing with the animal sounds theme, I’d like to introduce the newest addition to the farm – this handsome quartet! While Jeff was down from NH to grab the last (we think) of his stuff, he helped me haul these young fellas up from Dudley. Although quite healthy, they had never seen an electric fence before. Turns out fence training steers is similar to fence training pigs, but much more exciting. Rounding up a loose 50 pound piglet is much easier than a big 750+ pound steer. After two days of being cooped up in a small electric fence pen enclosed by metal panels, the very minimal hay supply ran out, and I needed to either source more hay or take the gamble and turn them loose in the pasture.


Expecting them to tear out of the gates like they were in a bullring, we took up positions on the other side of the electric fence. Not sure what we would have actually done had they come full steam toward us considering the electric fence is nothing more than two charged lines of twine, but we were ready! Instead they came out slow as molasses in wintertime, and have respected the fence ever since. These guys love our already lush pasture, and will pack on the pounds eating nothing but the finest grass Potter Hill has to offer until harvest in late fall.

Between the chickens, cattle, and onions just about ready to go in the ground (Monday maybe?), it’s starting to feel a lot like a farm again up on the hill.  I can’t wait to offer you all the best grass-fed beef, pastured eggs, and organic veggies around. Beef share details coming soon!


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