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Monday? Meat day!

Hey, Grafton!  It’s Jeff, the farmer formerly known as… that Potter Hill guy with the pants.  Paul invited me to invade the newsletter again, and I’m going to make it snappy.  Mostly I want to spare the good folks who are also SCF newsletter subscribers from a heaping double dose of ridiculous.  What?  You don’t get the Short Creek newsletter?  But it has so many pretty pictures!  It’s OK, I forgive you.  But you really should go sign up.  That way all of the good folks who usually enjoy Paul’s fantastic newsletter, and who don’t care a good gosh-dang about Short Creek meat (Hi, Fiona!), don’t have to suffer these occasional takeovers.  Hmmmm, it seems my goal here is to spare as many readers as possible the pain of reading what I write, so let’s get right to…

The POINT!  Monday is Meat Day at Potter Hill!  Remember that you can order sausages and other pastured meat treats from Short Creek Farm for pickup during the regular Potter Hill pickup hours.  Go forth and examine the list on our website, and then shoot us an email with your grocery list.  Posthaste!

Finally, I just happened to go check out the selection of vegetables available from Paul this week.  Daaaaayyum, son!  That’s an extensive list of organic local produce for November in New England.  Get it while you can – you’ll be kicking yourself in December if you don’t take every opportunity to eat fresh greens.  Paul assures me the lettuce is top notch, so get your order inToot sweet.

P.S. We have bacon.  And it’s sliced, just like proper bacon.  So if you love bacon, but can’t be bothered with knives, today is your day.


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