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Tricks and a Treat


We have an earlier pickup on Monday this week because I do NOT want to miss this little one’s first trick or treating. The pickup this week will be 3-6pm, but if you can’t make it till later, mention it in the notes and I’ll pack up and leave your order for you in the barn.

We have a few things to say goodbye to, and yet also a hearty welcome back. It’s so long, adios, sayanora to the tomatoes. The frost on Tuesday night was the beginning of the end, and the even harder frost Wednesday night sealed the deal. It seems so long ago now that we picked our first heirloom tomato of the season. I remember thinking how early it was (for Potter Hill) and, in the midst of the drought, wondering if they’d go by just as quickly as the cucumbers. Fortunately that didn’t happen, and we picked more tomatoes than I ever thought possible – a great run while it lasted, I assume future mediocre tomato summers will make me nostalgic for The Great 2016 Tomato Harvest. That said, there should still be some tomatoes available as we picked a bunch ahead of the cold.

Beans also bit the dust Tuesday night – my apologies to all you beanaholics but I didn’t get a chance to cover them. Fortunately, everything else will continue to get even better until we see some serious cold.

Enough of mother nature’s tricks, now for the treat…ground beef is BACK! Ken, the cattle man, still has a number of beef shares to sell. To give everyone a sneak peek of the quality of the meat before a big investment, he is making some ground beef available so you can decide for yourself. I haven’t tried it yet since he just got it back Monday, but he tells me it’s top quality. Meat share flyers will be passed out during the pickup. He does not have storage for 1,600 pounds of beef, so buying a share is likely the only way to get your hands on this grass-fed beef raised in our backyard.

Caramel apple season is over, but plenty of other chocolates available from Anna Banana’s.

Pickup Procedures:
Put your orders in online before 8am Monday. We’ll pick all orders fresh Monday morning and have it available for you to pick-up from 3-6pm Monday right on the farm at 64 Potter Hill Rd in Grafton. Pickups are in the big red barn on the right at the crest of the hill. Take advantage of this short window of time when the best produce around is grown in Grafton’s backyard!


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