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Grass is always greener

Our Beltie cow, Abigail, has the peculiar tendency to get down on her knees (elbows?) and stick her head under the fence line to eat the grass on the other side.  She’ll even turn her head sideways and stick her tongue way out to get a little extra reach.  With a single-strand electric fence, she can reach a good two feet before the wire gets near her back.  Furthermore, she’ll get within an inch of that wire and I’ve only ever seen her get shocked once in 5 years.  She’ll do this even when there’s plenty of grass inside the fence – I guess she just likes a challenge.  It’s actually pretty helpful, as she does a pretty decent job of keeping the electric fence clear.  What’s really funny is that she never actually breaks out of the paddock, even though she gets most of the way there.  She’s a real class act.

The garden is really starting to pump out great produce.  We’re getting into peak veggie season here in New England, so get into it!  Everything looks good, and we’re still fighting the good fight against the weeds.  Beets are notably absent from the list, as they just can’t seem to cope with the frequent heavy downpours and constantly wet soil.  (Dear Beets, I’m not mad, I’m just really disappointed.  Love, Jeff)

New this week:  Potatoes, broccoli, carrots.

Coming soon:  Peppers, eggplant, potatoes.

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