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Good grazing

There’s always a time of year when I look around and think to myself, “Man, things look pretty darn good out here!”. That just happened the other day as I noticed the first tomatoes coming in, other summer crops fruiting, fall roots and brassicas growing well, and the weeds basically under control (at least as much as weeds will be controlled this year).

And as good as the garden looks, the pastures look even better.  The beef cows have consistently been grazing perfect pasture – not too short, not too tall – full of grass and clover.  And the pig pasture is growing back well, with oats, peas and buckwheat interseeded with the native sod.

I mentioned the first tomatoes are coming in, but there’s not enough to take orders yet.  You may be pleasantly surprised, however, to find some of these early heirloom beauties for sale when you come on Monday.

Also, we have ground beef (and a handful of steaks) for the grill.  Plus, more sausages coming in two weeks!

If you like our beef and sausages, please consider signing up for a CSA share of one or both.  We only sell a limited amount of retail pork and beef, so buying a share is the best way to get a variety of cuts in your freezer. 

Beef shares are very limited this year, so reserve yours earlier rather than later.  Plenty of pork shares still for sale (too many, honestly), so if you intend to sign up for the Pork CSA, please get your deposit in soon to help us pay the feed bill.

If you have any questions about the CSA programs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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