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A bountiful harvest

For us, the planting season is just about over – just a few more late lettuce plantings to get in the ground, and maybe a couple of rows of radishes and mustard greens. Now, it’s all about the harvest.  A bunch of new items on the list today, notably tomatoes, peppers, beans, eggplants, and leeks.  This brings the total number of different vegetables available to….. drum-roll please….. 27!  That’s 27 distinct items available to order, all heirlooms, and not even counting different individual varieties.

We’re into the second planting of chard and kale, and bunches are big and beautiful.

We’re taking a break from orange carrots to give them a chance to size up a bit.  Early plantings were a bit small due to all the wet weather (even the wedge-shaped, heavy-soil-loving Chantenays won’t grow into saturated soil), but upcoming plantings look great.

It’s tomato season! We made it through the wet weather relatively unscathed, with just a little bit of leaf mold in the wettest sections (not to be confused with the dreaded late blight).  Good fruit set all around, and the recent heat is forcing ripening across all varieties.  Let’s hope for a long tomato harvest this year,

And don’t forget to check the beef and pork sections on the website.  We have plenty of ground beef, and a fresh batch of our own handmade sausages.

Finally, check out our new farm in NH, Short Creek Farm.  We’re on Facebook!  Yeah, I know, crazy.  Check it out and like us, or follow us, or whatever it is the kids are doing these days.

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