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Are you Organic?

That’s the most popular question we get from new customers, and it’s a tough one. And what does organic mean anyway?

Do you want the short answer or the 39-page version? If everything goes well in the next few weeks, the short answer will be yes! No hemming and hawing, no “yes, but”. How liberating! Thanks in large part to a friendly contact who happens to be a Certification Assistance Coordinator/farmer, and an even larger part to Jeff, who’s been doing it organically for 4 years but abhors paperwork, Potter Hill is well on its way to officially being organic.

Organic PaperworkAnd since Jeff’s distrust of pesticides rivals only his distrust of everything else, I won’t have to wait 3 years for certification. Unless an unexpected obstacle arrives, you’ll be munching on certified organic veggies in 2016, which clearly will be much tastier and healthier for you! I am in the midst of the review process, which so far has been easier than filling out 20 pages of the same question asked 25 different ways. Honestly though, I really shouldn’t complain – the certification reputation is all sizzle no steak. Don’t let a farmer talk your ear off about how complicated and onerous the certification process is – if I can do it, with my 5-10 minute max paperwork attention span, anyone can. Imagine that – all bluff and bluster from a farmer!

As the season ramps back up, I will hopefully get back on the weekly update train as there is tons more exciting news that I can’t wait to share with you all. Just a quick note on the upcoming season – up until this lovely April snowstorm, I was expecting an early start in the garden. That’s looking less likely given the 10 day forecast. This time of year it’s very stressful to be stuck inside not accomplishing anything tangible. We should be getting animals very soon, so that should at least give me an outlet for all this pent up cabin fever frustration!


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