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88 Degrees


No, sadly 88 is not in the forecast. Snow was on the ground and it was only 45 degrees outside Thursday, but it was 88 degrees in the greenhouse until I opened up the door to let some heat out. Despite the unusually cool temps, the sun’s strength really warms up the greenhouse – it’s a much needed and optimistic reminder that spring is (eventually) coming (back) our way.

With the warmth and sun in the greenhouse, my seedlings are growing well and biding their time under cover until May. So far leeks, onions, celery, and celeriac have popped up, with parsley and eggplant coming up any day now. Next week is an exciting one as we’ll start kale, swiss chard, sweet and hot peppers, and all 500 or so varieties of the incredible heirloom tomatoes we grow. All your favorites and more will be back this year. Mmmm…fresh tomatoes!

It’s not an overly ambitious goal to be planting in the fields by May 1st in Massachusetts – after all, there is a farm run by a friend of mine who not only worked their soil, but direct seeded lettuce, radishes, carrots and more already. But May 1st is never a guarantee up on Potter and Brigham Hills. Misery loves company, so I stopped by to groan and grumble with Ken over at Community Harvest Project.  They’ve finally, and likely wisely, given up on the noble goal of planting in late April too. We’ve never really had that option, so right now May 2nd is the dream. Fingers crossed it won’t need to be pushed back…send warm, dry, and windy thoughts up the hill!

Don’t forget, this is a meat week. Get your orders in by the end of the day to Jeff at for pickup tomorrow at Potter Hill 4-7pm. Inventory can be found here. Be sure to sign up for his newsletter – if not for the meat, do it for the writing!

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