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Help Wanted

The 2016 Potter Hill season has officially begun. I started the first seeds of the season (leeks!) yesterday at Joy Nicholson’s house, who generously shares her greenhouse space. It gets cramped come April, but it will get us through until I get a greenhouse of my own.

I’ve been busy dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s of starting a business. I officially registered with the town, obtained liability and workers comp insurance, and set up a business checking account and credit card just in time for the seed order. Next up is finding some reliable help for the season! If anyone out there knows a hard-working youth who’s not afraid to get his/her hands dirty, please share this job posting with them. I’d prefer someone who can commit 40 hours/week during the peak season and can continue to work hours through October…perhaps a recent grad looking to get outside and decompress from all that time cooped up in the library? Lack of farming experience isn’t an issue, just a fondness for physical work and curiosity to learn about farming. Did I already mention hard work will be involved?!

This is a meat pickup week. If you’ve run out of beef or want to try Jeff’s latest and greatest sausages, head over to his new farm’s website and place an order via email.



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