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It’s sure yoomid around here

Wicked yoomid. The kind of weather where you if you do any sort of work at all, and the sun happens to be shining like it was yesterday, it’s an immediately sweaty situation. Yesterday was a two-shirt day, and I could have easily gone for three. But, what do you think, these fancy black T-shirts grow on trees???

As much as farmers (or farmers’ significant others) might not like this weather, the plants love it. The summer crops are still pumping out fruit, and the fall crops are growing great – I’ve never seen kale, broccoli, and cabbages look so good. Rutabagas look great, and the first crop of spicy radishes are just about ready to pull. Tomatoes had a great first flush of early ripening fruit, so let’s hope it keeps up for a while.

The Jimmy Nardello’s sweet peppers are coming on in full force now, starting to ripen and turn red on the plants. Sausage and peppers on the grill, anyone?

Celery!  If you’ve had our celery in the past, you know that it’s loaded with flavor.  If you’ve read my newsletter in the past, you know Potter Hill is a wet farm.  These things are connected.  Celery likes to grow in a rich organic muck.  We’ve got muck, and plenty of it.

Rosa Bianca Italian eggplants are starting to come in – these are the larger round, light purple beauties.  I’m just leaving the more-productive (and also delicious) dark purple Diamond variety on the list for now, but if you really want a Rosa, make a note with your order.

One thing not doing fantastically well – cucumbers.  I don’t blame them, that’s just their way.  They give and they give, and then they just quit.  We still have some good ones, but it seems to be the beginning of the end.  Get them while you can!

Note that I changed the unit on some of the items, e.g. beans. Now each item you add to your cart is a half pound. So add two if you want a whole pound. Sorry to make you do math. Or “maths” (Hi Fiona!!).

Don’t forget – we have ground beef and a few steaks for sale.  More steaks coming soon.

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