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Well that was a quick change. Last week it was too hot, this week too cold. After 7 years in Mass, you’d think I’d be used to a typical New England fall…erratic, unstable, fickle. We had a very light frost up on the hill Monday morning, and our work-share, Denali, swore he saw snow flakes while we were harvesting for market on Wednesday. The tomatoes may not love our first rainy week of the season – this could be the end of the Great Tomato Harvest of 2016 – but it’s the start of lettuce season. So lettuce give thanks for a flavorful, bountiful tomato season as we transition to rich hearty winter squashes and green leafy things.

Speaking of green things, pea tendrils are back! A delicious snack on their own, chopped into salads or cook them ever so lightly. The celeriac also are sizing up nicely and have been added to the list, joining a million other items we’re harvesting right now.

And then the non-green things. We have meats, cheeses, and chocolates for sale to cancel out all that veggie healthyfullness. That’s right, Monday is the first Monday in October (?!?), meaning Jeff will be coming down with Short Creek’s incredible meats. And after a week off, the cheese is back in stock. I highly recommend their Adelisca cheese on some fresh Potter Hill eggs to get your morning started off right. Or try pairing their award-winning Franciszka cheese on your Potter Hill salad. And last but not least, I have added Anna Banana’s sweets to the online ordering system. Caramel Pretzel Apple…yes please! Please support these awesome farmers too!

Pickup Procedures:
Put your orders in online before 8am Monday morning. We’ll pick all orders fresh Monday morning and have it available for you to pick-up from 4-7pm Monday afternoon right on the farm at 64 Potter Hill Rd in Grafton. Take advantage of this short window of time when the best produce around is grown in Grafton’s backyard!


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