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Please note that some items (cabbages, winter squash, etc) are priced by weight but sold by the unit. Size may vary quite a bit, but we list the average weight as a guide. When you come to pick up your order, you will be charged by the actual weight.

Orders have closed, but there will certainly be lots more greens incoming. Keep an eye out for an email.

  • Eggs, 18 pack

    $11.00 / each Only 2 left in stock

    Best eggs around – pastured and organically fed, you’ll taste the difference. Mix of blue, pink and all shades of brown eggs. I’m running low on dozen containers, but have enough 18 packs to build a house of out.

  • Garlic

    $1.50 / each

    Potter Hill grown garlic – delicious! “The bee’s knees” according to one happy customer.

  • Garlic, Seed

    $2.50 / each

    Seed garlic (our biggest bulbs) are dried and ready to plant, though I’d wait at least until October to do so. We plant ours mid-November, weather permitting! Each bulb will have ~7 cloves that you separate and plant and you’ll have 7 bulbs the next year.

  • Herbs, basil

    $2.75 / bunch

    Grab yourself some garlic and it’s pesto time! Loads to share.

  • Herbs, cilantro

    $2.75 / bunch In stock


    Fresh cilantro, great in curries and salsa. Our favorite thing to do with cilantro lately is making cilantro pesto to go with tacos and burritos. The garlic scapes would be perfect for a cilantro pesto too!

  • Fresh, fragrant dill. Feta, radish, dill quiche. Try it, seriously. Paddy Rose’s “favorite quiche” – she can hook you up with the recipe. So good!

  • Great in curries, soups, and stir fries or pair with fish. Or make yourself a nice drink with it! A lovely smell and the taste is just as nice.

  • Herbs, shiso

    $2.75 / bunch

    Described as the Japanese basil (used in everything), I’m excited to try this herb. According to the seed catalog, it has a “cinnamon/clove flavor and aroma, with the spiciness of cumin”. Shiso pesto is on my to do list!

  • Cinnamon/clove flavor with hints of anise. Great in any stir fry!

  • Sweet little treats. I’ve been told these delicious golden berries taste like pineapple, orange juice concentrate (wasn’t a compliment), and Kix cereal. Some people love them, others not so much. Paddy Rose will eat an entire 5 gallon bucket if left alone with them!

  • Kale

    $3.75 / bunch

    Will beat the pants off any old kale you find at the grocery store.  Bunches may be either green stemmed Vates or red stemmed Red Russian.  We’ll pick whichever looks best.  Both are open-pollinated heirloom varieties.