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Please note that some items (cabbages, winter squash, etc) are priced by weight but sold by the unit. Size may vary quite a bit, but we list the average weight as a guide. When you come to pick up your order, you will be charged by the actual weight.

Also, note that you can click on the name of any item for more information.

  • Tomatoes

    $4.00 / lb

    All heirloom varieties, with names like Black Krim, Cosmonaut Volkov, Rose de Berne, Aunt Ruby’s Green, Orange Banana Plum, Amish Paste, and more.

  • Best eggs around – pastured and organically fed, you’ll taste the difference. Happy healthy chickens make happy healthy eggs!

  • Kale

    $3.00 / bunch

    Fresh, tender kale.  Will beat the pants off any old kale you find at the grocery store.  Bunches may be either green stemmed Vates or red stemmed Red Russian.  We’ll pick whichever looks best.  Both are open-pollinated heirloom varieties.

  • A crowd favorite, our bunches of mixed-color carrots are made with all heirloom varieties.  Each variety has a subtly different flavor.  Great for grilling and roasting.  Grate raw to add some color into any salad or slaw.

  • Mixed heirloom varieties, like a little box of jewels.

  • Beets (bunch)

    $3.00 / bunch

    Bunches of beets, with fresh greens.  We grow a few different varieties. Chioggia are striped inside, Touchstone are golden, and Dertroir Dark are deep purple.  We’ll pick what looks best, but if you have a preference, make a note with your order.

    The greens are great sauteed with butter, white wine, and garlic – just as you would cook swiss chard.

  • Cucumbers

    $2.50 / lb

    Tasty thin-skinned heirloom cukes.  The white-skinned ones are particularly special.  Called Boothby’s Blonde, they are a New England variety from Maine.

  • Celery

    $3.00 / each

    Most farms have a hard time growing good-quality celery, given that it prefers to grow in “organic muck.” Well, we’ve got that, in spades, and our celery is the proof. Loads of flavor, though not as great for snacking this year due to the lack of rain. All Potter Hill potato salad? Yes please!

  • Swiss chard

    $3.00 / bunch

    We have two different varieties of heirloom swiss chard – Ruby Red Rhubarb (red stems, green and purple leaves) and Fordhook Giant (white stems, green leaves).  If you have a strong preference for a particular variety, please make a note with your order and we’ll try our best to get you the type you prefer.

    If you’re not sure about swiss chard – sautee in butter, add minced fresh garlic and white whine, braise until it’s as tender as you like it.  You’ll be a convert.

  • Herbs, basil

    $2.00 / bunch

    Fresh basil, nothing better.  Sometimes we make bunches with the roots on – these will keep for a week+ in a jar of water on the counter.

  • Light-skinned, yellow-fleshed all-purpose potatoes.  Similar to Yukon Gold, but bred at Cornell University to grow well in New England this variety is called Keuka Gold.  These have proven themselves to be productive and disease-resistant, even in our wet, heavy soil.  This is important, because it’s tricky to grow good organic potatoes.

    And, of course, they are delicious…especially as new potatoes!  New potatoes are freshly dug, not simply small potatoes. So fresh the skins haven’t cured yet, so we don’t pre-wash them as the skins would come right off. Keuka Golds are always good for roasting, frying, and mashing, but a quick steam really brings out the delicate flavor and texture of a new potato. You’ll actually notice some sweetness to these tots as the sugars haven’t converted to starch, which happens later during the curing (for storage) process.

  • Scallions

    $2.50 / bunch

    Beautiful heirloom scallions, different varieties throughout the year.

  • Herbs, parsley

    $2.00 / bunch

    Nice flat-leaved Italian parsley.  No curly parsley here, thank you very much.  Parsley loves our heavy soil, and has a wonderful sweetness when picked fresh.

    In the words of the immortal Angelo Pellegrini – “There is nothing that wouldn’t be improved by the addition of a little fresh minced parsley.”

  • Fresh bunches of Rossa Lunga (red) or Ailsa Craig (yellow) onions.  The greens can be used like scallions but are more robust.

    For something really special, toss these whole (onions and greens) with salt, pepper, and olive oil and then grill.  Works best if you can start them out with the onions on high heat and the greens on low heat.  Then move them completely to low heat until tender.  Serve whole, or cut up onions and greens and toss together with more oil and a bit of vinegar to make a grilled onion salad.

  • Bok choi

    $2.50 / each Only 2 left in stock

    Stir-fry with plenty of garlic and a bit of soy sauce.  So easy, so good.

  • Eggplant

    $3.50 / lb

    We have Diamond and Rosa Bianca eggplants.  Rosa Bianca are blushed light purple and globe shaped, Diamond are medium-long and dark purple.  Both are delicious, but make a comment with your order if you prefer a specific variety.

  • Herbs, savory

    $2.00 / bunch

    Not commonly found in markets, this oregano relative goes great with beans (green or otherwise) and summer squash (grilled or sauteed).  Also, a good match for chicken or pork.

  • Mixed heirloom fingerling potatoes.  Varieties available each week may include pink skin/white flesh, blue skin/blue flesh, yellow skin/yellow flesh.  All are great for roasting.  The blue variety makes some very impressive-looking oven fries.

    Wash, do not peel.  Cut in halves or quarters, lay out on heavily greased sheet pan.  Salt liberally, add herbs of your choice.  Place in hot oven (450F) covered for 30 min.  Uncover and continue roasting until golden brown.

  • Beautiful mix of a cultivated flowers, some incredible smelling herbs, and wildflowers.

  • Ground Cherries

    $3.50 / each Only 1 left in stock

    I’ve been told these delicious golden berries taste like pineapple, orange juice concentrate (wasn’t a compliment), and Kix cereal. Feel free to sample before you purchase – either you love them or hate them, with most siding on the former. Sold in half-pints.

  • Everyone’s favorite flower. Well, it’s mine at least. Single stems, variety of colors to choose from.

  • Great in curries, soups, and stir fries or pair with fish. Or make yourself a nice drink with it! A lovely smell and the taste is just as nice.

  • Don’t feel like figuring out what you need?  No problem, we’ll do it for you.  Order a Garden Bag Small, and we’ll put a bag together for you this week with what’s at peak flavor.  If you’re flexible, it’s a great value!

  • Garden Bag XL

    $35.00 / each

    Don’t feel like figuring out what you need?  No problem, we’ll do it for you.  Order a Garden Bag XL, and we’ll put a bag together for you this week with what’s at peak flavor.  If you’re flexible, it’s a great value!