Certified organic, no spray heirloom veggies – doesn’t get better than that! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter (top right link) which will highlight what’s available and in peak season each week.

Please note that some items (cabbages, winter squash, etc) are priced by weight but sold by the unit. Size may vary quite a bit, but we list the average weight as a guide. When you come to pick up your order, you will be charged by the actual weight.

Orders have closed, but there will certainly be lots more greens incoming. Keep an eye out for an email.

  • Arugula

    $3.50 / bunch

    Add a peppery spice to a salad. Also, seriously great on sandwiches.

  • Beans, fresh snap (2/3 pound)

    $3.25 Only 3 left in stock

    It’s a bean bonanza – doesn’t get much better than fresh green beans.

  • Beets (bunch)

    $3.50 / bunch Only 1 left in stock

    Smaller young beets with nice greens. Beets will get bigger as we thin them out

  • Cucumbers

    $1.25 / each

    Delicious blond and green cukes. Order by the piece. What a start to cuke season! Fingers crossed it continues for a while.

  • Eggs, dozen

    $7.75 / each

    Best eggs around – pastured and organically fed, you’ll taste the difference. Medium sized eggs getting bigger every day as the ladies mature. Will eventually be $8/dozen at full size.

  • Garlic, fresh

    $3.00 / bunch

    Fresh garlic, nothing better. Delicious and plentiful, eat up! So new I don’t have a picture of it yet, so going with baby Nora instead. So cute!

  • Garlic, Scapes

    $4.00 / bunch

    Eat the whole thing, head to toe. Tastes like…garlic. Stock up, they store well and are abundant, but they only come once a year for a week or two! Roast ’em, grill ’em, pickle ’em, pesto ’em…or just cut them up in your salads.

  • Herbs, basil

    $2.75 / bunch

    Nothing better, I can’t wait for tomato season! These will keep for a week+ in a jar of water on the counter, but they don’t last that long in our house ūüôā

  • We have an overabundance of basil: it’s pesto time! Bunches will be a couple whole large plants.

  • Herbs, cilantro

    $2.75 / bunch Only 3 left in stock


    Fresh cilantro, great in curries and salsa. Our favorite thing to do with cilantro lately is making cilantro pesto to go with tacos and burritos. The garlic scapes would be perfect for a cilantro pesto too!

  • Herbs, parsley

    $2.75 / bunch In stock

    Nice flat-leaved Italian parsley.  No curly parsley here, thank you very much.  Parsley loves our heavy soil, and has a wonderful sweetness when picked fresh.

    In the words of the immortal Angelo Pellegrini – “There is nothing that wouldn’t be improved by the addition of a little fresh minced parsley.”

  • Great in curries, soups, and stir fries or pair with fish. Or make yourself a nice drink with it! A lovely smell and the taste is just as nice.

  • Herbs, savory

    $2.75 / bunch

    Not commonly found in markets, this oregano relative goes great with beans (green or otherwise) and summer squash (grilled or sauteed).  Also, a good match for chicken or pork.

  • Cinnamon/clove flavor with hints of anise. Great in any stir fry!

  • Kale

    $3.00 / bunch

    Will beat the pants off any old kale you find at the grocery store. ¬†Bunches may be either green stemmed Vates or red stemmed Red Russian. ¬†We’ll pick whichever looks best. ¬†Both are open-pollinated heirloom varieties.