Certified organic, no spray heirloom veggies – doesn’t get better than that! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter (top right link) which will highlight what’s available and in peak season each week.

Please note that some items (cabbages, winter squash, etc) are priced by weight but sold by the unit. Size may vary quite a bit, but we list the average weight as a guide. When you come to pick up your order, you will be charged by the actual weight.

Also, note that you can click on the name of any item for more information.

  • Celeriac

    ~ $3.00 / each Approx. 1.00 lbs

    Celeriac is a root vegetable with a mild celery flavor.  Great in soups and stews, mashed with potatoes, or shredded to make a slaw.

  • Light-skinned, yellow-fleshed all-purpose potatoes.  Similar to Yukon Gold, but bred at Cornell University to grow well in New England.  These have proven themselves to be productive and disease-resistant, even in our wet, heavy soil.  This is important, because it’s tricky to grow good organic potatoes.

    And, of course, they are delicious!  Good for roasting, frying, and mashing.  Good keepers once the skins are fully cured later in the season.


    These flavorful and pungent red and yellow storage onions are just the thing for soups and stews…. and every other recipe that starts with some chopped onion in a hot pan.  These open-pollinated beauties are called Rossa Milano and Dakota Tears, which live up to their name.  If kept in a cold, dark, dry place, these onions should keep well into the spring.

  • Swiss chard

    $3.00 / bunch

    We have two different varieties of heirloom swiss chard – Ruby Red Rhubarb (red stems, green and purple leaves) and Fordhook Giant (white stems, green leaves).  If you have a strong preference for a particular variety, please make a note with your order and we’ll try our best to get you the type you prefer.

    If you’re not sure about swiss chard – sautee in butter, add minced fresh garlic and white whine, braise until it’s as tender as you like it.  You’ll be a convert.

  • Scallions

    $2.50 / bunch

    Beautiful heirloom scallions, different varieties throughout the year.

  • Herbs, parsley

    $2.00 / bunch

    Nice flat-leaved Italian parsley.  No curly parsley here, thank you very much.  Parsley loves our heavy soil, and has a wonderful sweetness when picked fresh.

    In the words of the immortal Angelo Pellegrini – “There is nothing that wouldn’t be improved by the addition of a little fresh minced parsley.”

  • French Breakfast radishes.

    These mild red and white beauties are good in a salad, for snacking, or on a sandwich.  Or on buttered toast, for breakfast.  As if you were French.  Seriously, it’s good.

  • Mixed heirloom fingerling potatoes.  Varieties available each week may include pink skin/white flesh, blue skin/blue flesh, yellow skin/yellow flesh.  All are great for roasting.  The blue variety makes some very impressive-looking oven fries. Note: Blue are done for the season.

    Wash, do not peel.  Cut in halves or quarters, lay out on heavily greased sheet pan.  Salt liberally, add herbs of your choice.  Place in hot oven (450F) covered for 30 min.  Uncover and continue roasting until golden brown.

  • Salad Turnips

    $3.00 / bunch

    Tokyo Market Turnips aka Salad Turnips aka Hakurei Turnips. Call them what you want, these are a light summer delight. Crisp, juicy, delicious – they go great cut up in salad, dipped in hummus, or just plain with a bit of salt. Or roast them, but they don’t need long! Sold by the bunch.

  • Herbs, savory

    $2.00 / bunch

    Not commonly found in markets, this oregano relative goes great with beans (green or otherwise) and summer squash (grilled or sauteed).  Also, a good match for chicken or pork.

  • Various chilis, from Jalapenos to Habaneros.  Please specify the heat you’re after, and we’ll try to pick you something to match.

  • Instant salad – a combination of what looks best each week. Potential candidates are tokyo bekana, tatsoi, arugula, lettuce, and maybe even some purslane – baby to toddler sized and triple-washed. Comes in 1/3 pound bags. My favorite salad right now is this with apples, craisins, almonds, and goat cheese. And the most important ingredient – red onion!

  • Instant salad – a combination of what’s in peak form each week. Potential candidates to accompany lettuce are tokyo bekana, tatsoi, mustard greens and arugula – baby to toddler sized and triple-washed. Comes in 1/3 pound bags. My favorite salad right now is this with apples, almonds, and goat cheese. And the most important ingredient – red onion!

  • Mustard greens

    $3.00 / bunch

    Mustard greens are great for sauteing and braising.  We have purple and green varieties, with the green being slightly more toothsome.

  • Purple Top White Globe Turnip

    ~ $1.50 / each Approx. 1 lbs

    A pre-1880s heirloom, crisp and sweet on the inside and slightly spicy on the skin. Great along with carrots, potatoes, and onions for a roast or stew on a cool night.

  • I’ve been told these delicious golden berries taste like pineapple, orange juice concentrate (wasn’t a compliment), and Kix cereal. Feel free to sample before you purchase – either you love them or hate them, with most siding on the former. Sold in half-pints.

  • Roasted Chili Salsa is handcrafted from organic tomatoes, onions and chilies grown in Sunderland, MA. They fire-roast the ingredients in small batches for a subtle smokiness and spicy heat. Certified organic!

    Ingredients: Organic tomatoes, organic chilies, organic onions, organic garlic, organic lime juice, sea salt.

    Roasted Chili Salsa is medium spicy.

  • Made from several kinds of red chilies grown in Sunderland, MA. The chilies are fermented for seven days, then cooked and pureed. Compared with other sriracha it has an incredibly fresh fruity pepper flavor. Certified organic!

    Ingredients: Organic chilies, organic vinegar, organic cane sugar, organic garlic, sea salt, xanthan gum. 8oz jar