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They’re hard to start, but easy to maintain. And oh so important in our life – a constant in the ever-evolving challenges of raising a toddler. My favorite routine is breakfast. My wife, 15 month old, and I sit down every single day and have bread, eggs, and greens first thing.

On the farm, we’ve settled into a pretty busy weekly routine…it goes something like this: harvest, harvest, harvest, plant, harvest, harvest, rest (yea right). Harvesting 5 days a week doesn’t leave much time for anything else. Little by little, we’re finding the time to prep the garden for next year – with plans to further our no-till experiment, we prepped 10 beds in a new field adjacent to the current lush garden. The goal is to make permanent beds so you’re only fertilizing where you grow, and compacting only where you walk…among a million other benefits. Sounds like a future newsletter topic!

I understand that it takes a little extra effort to add ordering veggies to your busy weekend routines, but you’ll thank me later. I wouldn’t be able to work as hard as I do without our wonderful breakfast routine. Eating seasonally will give you that extra boost to get over the middle of the week hump. I’ve always eaten well, but with Paddy Rose in our lives, we’ve made an effort to diversify our meals. I’ve never craved kale, beets, arugula, spaghetti squash, etc but if you’re anything like me, the more you get of veggies this fresh, the more you crave them. It’s a delicious virtuous circle that keeps me running strong even after a 12 hour day.

Here’s what I’m currently craving:
-Arugula – This salad. Can’t get enough.
-Beets – It finally cooled off enough to turn the oven back on. Add roasted beets to the above salad, or just add roasted beets to your daily diet. They’re that good. Oh, and no need to peel these gems – eaten fresh, the skin isn’t even noticeable. While you’re at it, go crazy and throw in some rainbow carrots.
-Short Creek’s Breakfast Sausage – Add to your greens and eggs in the morning and you’ll feel like a superhero the rest of the day. Yes, it’s a meaty Monday…order away!
-Rainbow Cherry Tomatoes – Order three and get one free! They won’t be around forever, it is officially October eve after all.

I hope you can make ordering your veggies over the weekend a routine for the rest of the season! Set a reminder to yourself to order first thing Sunday morning, or just click this link and order right now. There are only two more weeks of markets, and then my only reliable outlet for all this goodness is the  pickups on Monday, so you might as well get in the routine now!

Pickup Procedures:
Put your orders in online before 8am Monday. We’ll pick it fresh Monday morning and have your order available for you to pick-up from 4-7pm Monday on the farm at 64 Potter Hill Rd in Grafton. Pickups are in the long white garage on the left across from the big red barn at the crest of the hill.

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