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Relief and a Meatful Monday

Well, a very tiny little bit of relief, but at least it didn’t quite hit 90 today, so I can’t complain. Ok, so maybe just one complaint. What happened to 73 and rain all day!?! Don’t expect a flush of produce all at once, but there is still plenty on the market list for this week. Tomatoes (!!) and beans will be first come, first serve again.

More MatersThe Grady household faced a minor emergency recently…we ran out of Short Creek breakfast sausage last week! In keeping with the trend of having good food come to me, I convinced Jeff to restart his meat deliveries on the first Monday of each month. Fortunately for me and for you, this coming Monday happens to be the first Monday of August. Join me in putting in your order for the best sausages and BACON around. Just like the cheese and blueberries you can now pick up at Potter Hill, all money goes right back to the hardworking farmers who raised the animals AND hand-made each sausage.

Despite the less than hoped for amount of rain, I decided to roll the dice and plant some lettuce that had been waiting for a change of pace from 95 and sunny. Ever the optimist (fool?), I will seed some fall beets, carrots, watermelon radishes, and rutabaga this weekend and hope for the best. What else can I do? The forecast looks decent, though it looked even better yesterday.

We will not be at the market in Douglas tomorrow, so if all you Douglasians need your organic veggies this week, please put in an order for Monday pickup. If you can’t wait, we will be at the Boylston market from 10-1pm on Saturday.

See you Monday!


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