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Looking for that Special Someone

Sorry to disappoint but this farmer is taken. Yes, this lovely lady with questionable style (I love you but what are you wearing?!) is my forever valentine. Despite being way out of my league, I’m blessed to call this loving, caring, and hardworking gorgeous gal mine, all mine. In fact, my wife is really the one you (and I) can thank for all those delicious veggies. In addition to being an awesome mom, she’s a full-time veterinarian and subsidizes my farming habit. You know the only bacon I’m bringing home at the end of the day is the delicious kind.

But I am still looking for that special someone(s) to work with on the farm. There is a strong unmet demand for local veggies, meat and eggs in our area that I cannot supply on my own. If you’re not afraid of a good honest day’s labor, love to eat great food, and love the great outdoors, please reach out. Learn to grow your own and fall in love with farming. Here’s the link, please share widely!

And….that’s a wrap on the 2019 season! I got an overwhelming response after threatening it could be the last harvest. I cleared out the few remaining greens from the tunnel yesterday, and left the sides open over night in hopes the frigid cold kills any lingering pests. I’m looking forward to a blank slate in there to start the very promising (labor willing) 2020 season soon!

If you’ve made it this far, I have a little Valentine’s Day gift for you. There will be a few openings in the Saturday CSA program this year. Registration will officially open up soon, however, here is an early bird sign-up link hidden on the website. Feel free to share the love. Thanks for reading!

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