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A Tough Decision

And we’re back! Hope everyone had a nice holiday and a great start to the new year. I got back from the Midwest this week after lots of quality time with the family and 2,000+ more miles on my vehicle.

Just before I left, I was faced with a tough decision – I realized the covered area of the barn just wasn’t fit to overwinter chickens. The roof leaks and water runs off the road right through the barn. With the warm December weather and plenty of rain, they were swamp creatures. During the previous storm, I thought had fixed the issue, but running water can be relentless. With a two week trip coming up, I had to send the chickens to the farm. Not the NH farm and not the figurative farm in the sky, but to a farm in Boylston. They’re doing great (I actually visited them today), but I will miss them and their eggscellent production.

On the ‘all good things’ topic, it was tropical when I left and frigid when I returned – any and everything green (finally) is done for the season, though we have tons of great roots in storage.

New location for the rest of the winter: Community Harvest Project – 37 Wheeler Rd in North Grafton. A great organization that’s generously allowing us to use their beautiful indoor space. No matter the weather outside, it will be warm inside. Same time (Monday 4-7pm), different place – get your order in by Sunday night and I’ll see you then!

Empty Nest
Empty Nest