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Just in time for Halloween, a gusty nor’easter monsoon timed with frozen ground from a super cold night. At least it wasn’t snow? I dunno, it might have been better for the veggies. In the grand scheme of this year, we really didn’t get a massive amount of rain. It made me wonder why the garden was in such rough shape (underwater) in my brief excursion outside to collect eggs…until I realized the ground must still be partially frozen and there’s no where for the water to go. Either that or the ground is still just fully saturated. It will be interesting to see what survives – sorry, I’m not putting on my waders for a harvest on Monday so there will be no pickup tomorrow!

Plus I need a reprieve! It’s amazing, I can go non-stop all season long and then we hit a week of no sleep and suddenly it’s exhausting just to type this newsletter. I guess it doesn’t help that it’s approaching midnight after a LONG day. I will keep you posted on next Monday – fingers crossed the weather actually looks pretty decent so we could have a good spread if the veggies survived the onslaught. The lettuce especially has been looking great!