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Up and down the temps go, where they’ll stop nobody knows. It seems a little early for green things to be sprouting, but tell that to these little guys I found in my yard. As I write this, it’s 60 degrees, and I’m exhausted from spending every single minute I possibly can outside. But by the time this reaches some of you, it may be single digits! I guess the only thing you can count on these days is the wind…at least up here on the hill anyway.

The garden plans are done and the seed order is in – must be late January. Wait, it’s March?! Guess I’m a little late on that one. Before you know it, I’ll have green things to sell but until then we have a decent lineup; meat, cheese, chocolates, and EGGS! Not from our chickens – they won’t be here till April. I’ve been busy making new farm friends this winter, and one new friend raises meat birds on pasture, which we’re super excited to make available to y’all later this season. She also has a head start on us in the egg department, so we’re offering those up for your eating enjoyment. Organically fed and free ranging, soon to be out on pasture if this freak weather continues.

Sarah has Easter themed chocolates (like we need an excuse to indulge!), and Jeff will be down with his unusually delicious meats as usual. We’re  also pretty excited for these two farm babes to reconnect for dinner on Sunday – order your cheese by 1pm Sunday so the Couets don’t have to make a separate trip. Stock up for the month on all these goodies as we won’t be doing this again till April!

Oh, and there will be plenty of celeriac available. Get it while the getting is still good. And I promise, it really really is good if you’ve never tried it.

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