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I write these emails in my head (a scary place) all week – the subject was going to be ‘Swampfoot’ because I think it’s been two weeks since my shoes have dried out and Tanner said I was in danger of getting swampfoot, but that lovely hail storm yesterday changed my course. Every time I start getting really optimistic about the season (despite my swampfoot), something brings me back to the reality that I’m not at all in control…just along for the ride.

The hail storm was the killjoy of the end of a fantastic week that included our first market and first CSA pickup going off without a hitch. Fortunately most veggies are still covered and the hail wasn’t large enough to shred the (very expensive) covers. Any uncovered leafy greens would have been toast, but I don’t have my deer fencing up yet and deer love greens…so I guess, thank you deer? Unfortunately, the vigorous, leafy tomatoes suffered the worst damage. I’m hoping most of the plants just got a natural heavy prune, but not the one above. When the growing tip gets snapped like that, it’s a goner!

Despite it raining every day in recent memory, I’m not complaining yet. Instead of 1, 2 or 3″ rains like in the spring, these rains have been totally manageable. Don’t get me wrong, it’s wet up here, but not to the point of stunting growth yet. Everything looks fantastic (minus the hail damage), so I’m stubbornly staying optimistic. For now!

We’re in a bit of a lull between harvest seasons. Summer deliciousness like cucumbers and zucchini will be coming soon, while the tenderest of greens like spinach have gone by. Everything is limited except lettuce and radishes – we’ve transitioned to our third plantings of both, and they are just as good as numbers 1 and 2! Please note, double check the quantities in your cart before checking out. There are issues with adding more than one of some vegetables. There does not seem to be any issues updating quantities from the cart page. This is a new issues and I am stumped – any website experts out there?

Veggie Ordering and Pickup Procedures: Put your veggie orders in online before 8pm Sunday. The website is a little buggy so if you don’t see a wide variety of items or you see items out of stock, try refreshing your browser. Also confirm on checkout that you have the correct number of each item in your cart. The two pickup windows are working well, so we’ll keep it going. Choose your pickup window while checking out online: 1230-2pm and 4-5pm Monday on the farm at 64 Potter Hill Rd in Grafton. Pickups are in the long white garage on the left across from the beat up tan and red barn at the crest of the hill.

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