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Finally, some relief! Much needed rain and an incredible sleeping night after such miserable (in this farmer’s opinion) weather…although it does seem to have inspired some of our heat loving crops. Cherry tomatoes at the start of July? Seems early but I’ll have to look back at pictures. I doubt there will be enough to sell on Monday, but there’s loads of other great stuff!  Jenni and Paddy Rose are in Ohio again visiting the grandparents, so I’m taking advantage of every minute of daylight to catch up out in the field. Helping me catch up is a friendly face you may recognize if you’re a longtime customer or longtime resident of Grafton. It’s been amazing to have Sophie back, even if it’s only for a couple days. She even offered to write the rest of the newsletter this week when I mentioned I forgot last night….

It’s been about 3 years since I’ve gotten my hands dirty in the soil at Potter Hill. Working at this farm during and after university was, (cliché yet true) life changing for me – I worked harder than I’ve ever worked before, became stubborn and persistent in the most positive ways possible, and realized that I can figure things out myself. It has been so special to me to come back and volunteer for a couple of days and see the evolution that Potter Hill Farm has undergone since I’ve been gone. The varieties of produce! The chickens! Officially an organic farm! A CSA with excited and involved members! New barn and field spaces! More young people who want to farm! Thank you, thank you for supporting Paul and this farm as it continues to grow in size and character. This place is close to my heart, and if it hasn’t made it close to yours yet too, it will be soon.

Love, Newsletter Guest Writer Sophie Dennis