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What do 92, 95 and 94 add up to? A severely red neck in my case. Sunday through Tuesday was a pretty rough time to be a farmer, or a newly transplanted seedling out in our confused fields. I’ve been waiting for months for the fields to dry up enough to plant into…3 days later, it looks like the Sahara out there. Fortunately that rough exterior is just a facade – underneath is a nice soft, hospitable bed with plenty of moisture for our transplants. But still, these temperature swings are seriously not good for the plants, and that heat! About all it was good for was to perfect our annual farmer’s tan (burn?) look ahead of our first market this Saturday.

Yup, we’re bok! At the Douglas Farmers Market on Saturday mornings from 9am-noon. The stand won’t be bursting at the seams stand just yet, but give us a few weeks of this type of weather and magic will happen. Until then lots of greens like bok choi, lettuce, kale, chard, and tatsoi. Have you tried tatsoi yet by the way? It’s an asian spinach, used just like cooked spinach. We love it with our eggs in the morning, in any stir fry, soup, pasta, or casserole. Honestly I just saute it with olive oil and put it in anything  I’m making.

We’ll be setting up shop the first two Douglas markets, but will be transitioning to a drop-off similar to our on-farm pickups so keep an eye out for details on that if you’re a Douglasian. We will be selling eggs at the Douglas market, but I’m also making some available for another Monday pickup. It’s a soft-opening type of year as there isn’t a ton available just yet. Since the green goodies are limited, they won’t be available to order on the website, but there will be some for sale when you come up for your eggs. Looking forward to re-connect with y’all Saturday or Monday!

Heading Out to the Fields
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