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Rain rain rain

After what seems like week after week of late summer dry weather, ol’ Mother Nature has decided to take a different approach.  Rain and more rain – we had about 4 inches at the farm on Wednesday – but at least it appears as if we are going to be spared a direct hit from a a hurricane.  This time.

We have tons and tons of great stuff coming out of the garden, but at this time of year it starts to get harder to predict what we’ll have two days or two weeks from now.  We hope to still have tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and summer squash on Monday… and hopefully even the week after.  But the end is nigh, folks.  The end is nigh.  Please go ahead and order these summer fruits, and we’ll do our best to get them for you.  All I can say is enjoy these beautiful fresh things while they last!  And it might be a good idea to pickle or freeze or can some summer flavors – you’ll sure be glad you did in February.  With just a little extra time in the kitchen, you can have healthy and delicious local food all year long.  And really, what better way to spend a cool October Sunday afternoon?

New to the list – winter squash!  We have a mix of different heirloom squashes that are all decorative and delicious.  In fact, winter squashes store best in a dry place at about room temperature (or a bit cooler), and I’m sure the tradition of decorating with squashes in the fall has roots in a time when poeple were just trying to find a place to store the harvest.  Corners of the house would fill with squash that were nice to look at until it came time to eat them!  We have a couple of varieties of pie pumpkins that are especially pretty and are also very delicious.  They can be on the large side (5 – 8 lbs), so processing one would give you canned or frozen pumpkin for breads and pies through the winter.

Also new to the list – celeriac.  If you’ve tried this ugly duckling already, you know what to do.  Mildly celery flavored, this lightly starchy root is a great addition to soups and stews, and it also mashes well with or without potatoes.  Potato Leek Celeriac Soup?  Yes, please.

All of the fall favorites look great – kohl rabi, rutabaga, cabbage, broccoli, kale, chard.  This is peak season for fall barassicas.

Also note that we’ll be selling beets and carrots by the pound for the rest of the season.  Bulk prices are available on all roots (and cabbages), please just ask for more information.

A few new steaks and sausages on the list – don’t forget to check the pork and beef sections of the website for good stuff to go with your veggies.

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