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Pop-up Monday Market

Happy New Year y’all! 2016 sure was an interesting one huh? Since we got back from a relaxing trip home to Ohio, our darling 6 month old has been giving her poor father a run for his money. Thus, please accept my apologies for the late notice, but we’re hosting a pop-up market this Monday. Same time, same place…sort of. You can park in the same parking area as always, but instead of walking into the barn as usual, turn 180 degrees and walk across the street to the white garage.

Your favorite cast of farmers, cheesemongers, and chocolatiers are colluding to bring you a deep winter treat. I have acorn squash, celeriac, black spanish radishes, and watermelon radishes in stock, along with a handful of other goodies. Jeff is coming down from NH with all his delicious meats. Grass-fed beef done right – yes please!! Check out his website for what’s in stock. Sarah, of chocolate fame, will be by to fulfill all your chocolate cravings. And last but certainly not least, there will be cheese! The veggies, cheese, and chocolate can be ordered through Potter Hill’s website, but the meats must be ordered by emailing Jeff directly.

So far I haven’t managed to get Zach to sell bread with us on Mondays, but they have started a CSB – community supported bakery – and he asked me to share this golden opportunity. It’s a weekly bread subscription from the simple folk at Simple Church. Think Netflix for bread. 12 weeks of weekly bread for $84. Visit his website for more info.

Wait, why will we be in the white barn across the street you ask? Very observant, great question. As this newsletter is long enough already, I’ll have to save that for next week….unless you come up Monday for some veggies, meat, cheese or chocolates, in which case you’ll have the inside scoop way ahead of everyone else. It is big news…one might even say it’s yuge news, for the future of the farm. Stay warm everyone, hope to see you Monday!

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