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Peak Season

The first day of fall felt a lot like summer, and the last week of summer sure felt a lot like fall. Figures! Although I complained about the heat to anyone willing to listen, a most welcome surprise came with the return of summer weather. Holy tomato! Tanner picked 28 pints of cherry tomatoes on Wednesday. From just the tunnel. Where we have like 15 plants. And then we got another two dozen or so from the field cherry tomatoes.

It’s great to be back in tomato abundance, but more importantly, it’s reassuring that I haven’t lost the tomato magic – it just hasn’t been a great tomato season. I thought it was probably just the cooler weather keeping them down, but it’s nice to see what they’re capable of…at the end of September! I’m thrilled to have cherry tomatoes coming out my ears again, but picking all of them certainly doesn’t lighten the workload. I tried to turn over a new leaf and quit working under the light of a headlamp, but that lasted only one day.

Wow y’all – I don’t even know where to start. Everything is SO good right now, you really need to just order some (or a lot) of everything. If you really pressed me, this is my top 5 of the best of the best that you can’t live without this week.

-Greens Galore: OMG, so good and so bountiful. Kale this tender only comes around twice a year. But it’s not the only green in town; yokatta na, chard, tatsoi, bok choi, tokyo bekana…so hard to choose, just get one of each!
-Cherry Tomatoes: Because it’s (basically) October and they’re coming out our ears. Get you some!
-Cut Lettuce: It just keeps getting better every week. New varieties added to the mix.
-Basil: At the end of September? Yes please!
-Salad Turnips: SO big by now and yet still so silky tender.

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