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So I’ve decided I’m just growing rice next year. How’s that for a business plan?! 35 acres of rice paddies. Overreaction? Maybe, but I can’t tell you how difficult it’s been to continue to slog through this season. The beautiful days like Thursday are negated by the fact that half of the garden is reachable only by boat. We got our monthly average of rain on one day this week! And then it poured the next night, and more rain today. Demoralizing…mercy!

Misery loves company so I’m at least comforted in talking with my fellow farmers. One farmer I commiserated with is losing all his winter squash in storage to a lovely disease that we fortunately don’t have on our farm, and had 1,500 broccoli plants wiped out by groundhogs. To give you some perspective on the size of his farm, he has 40 acres of sweet corn (to my oneish acre total) and his family started the farm the year I was born. Another CSA farm I know told me they’ve been supplementing their CSA with veggies from local farms all season long and they’ve had an established CSA for years. So I guess I should feel lucky – I don’t have phythophora, all my broccoli plants are in tact (because they’re covered), and I haven’t bought in any veggies to fill out the spread, though that’s certainly in the near future. Honestly, I can’t believe anything’s still out there, but there are some parts of the garden that look great…as I float by on my makeshift raft dreaming of rice. Thanks y’all for your support this season. And let me know what you think about a rice CSA 🙂

On the brighter side of things, my high tunnel is getting “skinned” Sunday morning if the weather cooperates…although at every turn something has gone wrong so who knows. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Because I will be working about 46 of the 48 hours this weekend, I’m limiting the list for Monday’s pickup. Still lots of great stuff though!

PS: Just so you know I’m not romanticizing prior years, I just stumbled across this picture labeled “Late October Tomatoes” a month later than today but two years ago (my first year running the farm by myself). Looks like more tomatoes than we picked in all of September this year in one day in late October!

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