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Hey, remember me?

Hey all y’all!  Yes, it’s Jeff, back to bother y’all.  And yes, that’s how I talk now.  Not sure why, seeing as how I moved to New Hampshire and not Alabama, but sometimes weird stuff happens and you really just have to go with it.  That’s farming in a nutshell – weird stuff happening?  Good, just go with it.  Ok, enough nonsense.  I have a million things to do today, as usual, so I’m going to keep this little reunion newsletter short and sweet.  Well, mostly just short, I’m running a little low on sweet these days.

Potter Hill Paul graciously invited me to reach out to everyone to remind you that you can order meat from Dave and I up at our new joint in NH – Short Creek Farm.  We’ve been selling sausages like crazy – a couple hundred pounds every week –  to all the good folks on the NH seacoast, and I wanted to remind you that it’s easy for you to get in on the action without driving up to Portsmouth or Exeter or Durham or Kittery or York… Oh my god, so many farmers’ markets.

Generally, meat drops at Potter Hill will be the first Monday of the month, but things can and do change.  Case in point, our next drop is this Monday, August 29th!  That way, you can stock up for your Labor Day BBQ.  So go ahead and sign up for our newsletter so you can keep track.

Here’s the way it works.  Look at the list of stuff we have for sale.  Look at the whole list – there’s some real treats near the bottom.  Send us a list via email of what you want, and be sure to get us your list before noon on the Sunday prior to the drop-off in Grafton.  I will make you an invoice and email it to you, and there’s a link right in that email that lets you pay for your order with a credit card.  Then just show up at Potter Hill as usual for Monday pick-up (and of course, don’t forget to order your veggies and cheeseand your Short Creek meat order will be bagged up with your name on it in the the chest freezer in the barn.

So tell your friends.  Tell your boyfriends.  Tell your girlfriends.  Put it on Snapchat so your kids know what’s up.  Put it on Facebook so your grandparents know what deal is.  Instagram it so I know what’s happening.  Wait… I said enough nonsense, so I better stop right here.

All the best to you and yours!

Your old friend,


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