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Hanging in there

This has been a strange year so far, with wild swings in weather and soil conditions.  A spring drought left us with dust bowl conditions, a dry powdery layer of soil that refused to germinate any early seeds.  Then, a monsoon weekend and several downpours following has left the soil fully saturated – many small seedlings that did germinate in early June have since withered away from a bad case of wet feet.

That said, it’s not all bad.  The grass is growing back quickly and thickly after grazing.  Weed control in the garden looks good, given the wet soil conditions.  The tomatoes and potatoes look great.  The cabbages look as though they may finally be outgrowing the flea beetle attack.  Squash and cukes are coming along.  The lettuce is fantastic, along with the bok choi.

So, yes, the pickings are still pretty slim, but you might be surprised to see the rows of green things growing out behind the barn.  A slow start this year, but good things are coming.  Thanks for hanging in there with us!

We do have swiss chard this week, but my computer is in a box in NH so I can’t add it to the website.  If you’d like some chard, just make a note in the comment section when you order.

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