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Groundhog Day

Happy Father’s Day to all you Fathers out there! I’m taking a break from chasing groundhogs around (second favorite activity only behind chasing chickens) to give you a quick farm update. Everything is growing great…that is covered, unpalatable, or out of reach of groundhogs. It’s become so bad that last week we planted lettuce in the morning and came back after lunch to plant cucumbers. Much to our consternation, the whole lettuce row had already been taken out by those cute, fuzzy, malicious and evil creatures.

I’ve never had much of a problem with them before, but the writing was on the wall – I’ve been trying to coexist with a family of them that lived behind the barn for a couple years now. Well, nature has run its course and it seems they’ve become a bigger, hungrier, evil extended family. Of course my garden butts right up to a hedgerow absolutely infested in poison ivy and rocks galore, so there’s no eliminating their habitat. And I’m too much of a softie to eliminate them, so I’m building Fort Knox up here on the hill. To simply pick a head of lettuce, last count there were 2 fence chargers I had to turn off, 5 fences I had to step over (you can see them if you look closely), and then remove the cover off the lettuce. On the bright side, I have become more limber stepping over tall fences 800 times per day. Down side is that I’m SO over these groundhogs. I just want my gorgeous, uncovered lettuce back!

That said, we have TONS of lovely (covered) lettuce with your name on it. Scallions are new to the list, and are incredible right now – they’re so tall they’re hitting the cover above them, but still as tender as the day they were germinated. Order away and don’t forget the egggggs!

Ordering and Pickup Procedures:
Put your orders in online before 8am Monday. We’ll have your order available for you to pick-up from 4-7pm Monday on the farm at 64 Potter Hill Rd in Grafton. Pickups are in the long white garage on the left across from the big red barn at the crest of the hill.


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