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Get your fresh greens while you can

With November right around the corner and the oak trees all orange and brown, it is undeniably autumn.  We still have some greens in the garden, but their days are surely numbered.  This week may be the last for lettuce, so have a nice big salad and think of spring.  Kale and mustards are still looking good, but you should get your fill of these hearty fall greens while you can.  Might even be a good idea to blanch some and put them in the freezer.  Frozen kale is great for winter soups and stews.

The greens will fade away as winter approaches, but then there’s the roots.  And we have tons.  Literally.  Roots will keep for weeks (or months) in a cool dark place with high humidity, so stock up for winter.  Get 10 pounds of any mix of carrots and beets for $15.  

Don’t forget to include some pork and beef when you are placing your vegetable order.  We’ve got plenty of ground beef and a good selection of steaks available.