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Fresh greens, finally

Pickup will be back at the farm on Potter Hill Rd and back to normal hours of 4pm to 7pm.

After a serious 1-2-3 punch of snow in the fields into April, May drought, and then 4 inches of rain to start June, I was wondering if we might be down for the count.  But after some frantic cultivation to stir some air into the muddy lifeless soil, it seems that things are finally taking a turn for the better.  And yes, finally, this we week we have green things to offer!

The lettuce is small – you’ll want at least two heads.  The bok choi is a perfect size, and we’ve actually managed to keep most of the flea beetles off of it this year – no more leaves that look like they were used for target practice.  Red Russian kale looks good, too – bunches will be a bit on the small side until the plants really get cranking.  And arugula – also smaller bunches, and only just a little “holy”.

Check out these paintings by our neighbor, Allison P.  Very cool.

And don’t forget – Pork CSA and Beef CSA info can be found over at our Short Creek Farm website.  Time to sign up!

New This Week
Baby lettuce heads – $1.50 / ea
Kale – $3.50 / bu
Bok choi – $2.00 / ea
Arugula – $3.00 / bu

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