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Don’t Forget to Vote!

Not to take anything away from our civic duty, but we don’t just vote on Super Tuesday or in November. Nay, we vote every single day with our wallets and our forks. What we buy and consume directly shapes the world in which we live. Joining a CSA allows you to turn the daily necessity of eating into a powerful social and environmental action. Market demand is a powerful force – the ripple effect of this one choice is far reaching. Investing in this farm via a CSA Card is a vote for keeping local organic agriculture alive and well right here in Grafton.

Your support is truly appreciated. Income at this time of year, and a commitment to a full season of veggies, are so crucial to the planning of the farm season. Our traditional Saturday CSA filled up in three hours, but we still have plenty of CSA Card spots available. Take the plunge and invest in your health and help the farm grow TODAY!

How does the CSA Card program differ from our traditional CSA? Glad you asked! With the CSA Card, you get to choose what you want and when you want it. The card can be used at our Monday evening pick-ups (4-7pm) OR Wednesdays at the Grafton Farmers Market (2-6pm), and there is no commitment to coming weekly. Essentially it is a pre-paid card that you use up throughout the season. And you don’t even have to bring the card with you – it’s all automated…you even get email receipts after each purchase!

I think it can be summed up in one word: convenience. It’s like a CSA…but better? At least according to this happy card member: “The card is a great way to support local farming, easy to use and the fact that you select your assortment is much better than a normal CSA.”

Click here to learn more about the CSA Card, read more quotes from card members, and to sign-up!

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