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December Lettuce?

What a strange/pleasant fall it has been. I heard recently that it was the 7th warmest October-November on record in Worcester, and that was before this start to December. Usually anything green is hard to find this time of year, yet if you’ve made it up Potter Hill (in daylight) you know that the hill is alive! I won’t gloat too much for fear of it coming back to haunt us, and I’ve been reminded that last winter started out pretty mild, but I have to at least say it’s been VERY nice washing veggies in above freezing temps. That said, this freak weather won’t keep for long, so now is the time to stock up on (clean) roots.

I plan to wash a ton of roots Monday, so if you can’t make the usual hours, I can meet you at the farm for root orders of 20 pounds or more (any mixture of carrots, beets, rutabaga, Munchener Bier radishes, and celeriac). Just note on your order that you aren’t able to make it, and I will email you directly.


Oh, and December lettuce? Unprotected? That’s as rare as hens’ teeth in New England. I made a limited amount of lettuce available on the website, get it while it lasts. Baby heads are 3 for $2.



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