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Aha, caught red-handed! Paddy Rose has figured out if she climbs a few stairs, she can reach over and help herself to her favorite summer treat. Fortunately for the bottom line, cherry tomato production has overtaken baby’s consumption and we have buckets of them to sell y’all! They are flat out the best cherry tomatoes around, objectively speaking of course. You might also see them on a few local menus – without a Saturday market to sell at because of the holiday, Anzio’s happily heeded my tomato plea. And as always, Twigs Cafe up at Tower Hill ordered tomatoes and so much more. We went up there today for lunch – let’s just say it’s worth the drive on this lovely holiday weekend!

Speaking of which, yes we are absolutely still doing a pickup on Labor Day from 12-3pm (let me know if you can’t make this time). There is far too much good stuff coming in to deprive y’all of this incredible abundance. Jeff from Short Creek Farm is coming down with pork and beef, Fern Hollow Farm is bringing pastured chicken, and Sarah from Anna Banana’s has lots of chocolate treats – you get a prize if you can think of something good we won’t have for your holiday BBQs. Email Jeff directly with your order – you can order chicken and chocolate on our website just like your veggies and eggs. The forecast looks fantastic for Monday so go crazy!

Incredible sleeping weather and perfectly ripe heirloom tomatoes don’t usually go hand in hand, but this season has been unusual from start to finish. 45 degree nights in August is NOT the norm, but it’s hard to complain with highs in the 60s and 70s! The third planting of cucumbers has not enjoyed the cold nights, but the zucchini doesn’t seem to be suffering so much. And if we get some warm nights like they’re calling for, watch out because we’ll be throwing buckets of massive heirloom tomatoes your way! I didn’t think we could possibly be more overwhelmed with this abundance, but we might just get there. Get the good stuff while the getting’s good, because who knows how long this will last!

Pickup Procedures:
Put your orders in online before 8am Monday. We’ll pick it fresh Monday morning and have your order available for you to pick-up from 12-3pm Monday on the farm at 64 Potter Hill Rd in Grafton. Pickups are in the long white garage on the left across from the big red barn at the crest of the hill.

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