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Come Grow with us!

Do you have an inner rockstar farmer just waiting for the chance to shine? This is your opportunity! Whether you’ve never set foot on a farm but sick of your office job, or you’ve been farming for ten years and want to take on more responsibility, we have a position (or can make one) for you. Quitting your day job might not be as crazy as you think – not that long ago, I was working for the Census Bureau going stir crazy. After spending even just a few months with my hands in the soil, I knew I could never go back. Life is too short and precious to not love what you’re doing.  Please check out the job description and reach out to if you are interested or know someone who might be.

There are many on this list who aren’t customers for a variety of reasons but have told me how much they appreciate this newsletter. This is your opportunity to help the farm – please spread this opportunity far and wide. Even if you aren’t ready to drop everything and learn to farm, maybe you know someone who would be a perfect fit. Ask around, share on FaceSpace and InstaBook, forward this email, and make some calls. Seriously, I need your help!

And for those of you I see regularly, you know how important this is to the sustainability of the farm. There is far too much (good) work to do be done for this farm to continue without a right hand (wo)man. 2019 was a solid season, but could have been wildly successful with consistent help. Do it for yourself if not for me! You will benefit from even better veggies, eggs, and meat.

FYI: No pickup tomorrow due to the cold, however, the forecast is calling for another thaw late in the week so look for an email later in the week.

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