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A Thankful Break

dsc09768Thank you to everyone who braved the frigid barn on Monday and stocked up for their holiday meals! I expect at least half of Grafton should have our amazing Potter Hill carrots in their Thanksgiving meals based on the 55 pounds we harvested and sold on Monday. There’s nothing quite like those frost sweetened carrots. Why are fall crops so much sweeter than the rest of the year? Sounds like a good newsletter theme for next week.

On the next week topic, there will be no pickup on Monday 11/28. We are going to take a week off as I focus on my new role as stay at home dad. Plus, I’m ready for a week off after 5 months of constant harvesting (and weeding), preceded by 2 months of constant planting (and weeding). Our goal was to have something available from Potter Hill to grace your Thanksgiving plates – with 21 different vegetables for sale on Monday, mission accomplished! Everything from here on out is gravy.

We’ll be back at it the following week when Jeff comes down from NH to spread some holiday cheer (meat). You don’t need to wait till then to put in your meat order – check out what he has for sale and send him an email at We had his roasted chili and pumpkin sausage (from Potter Hill pumpkin) stuffed inside an acorn squash the other day – so good!

We’ll at least have roots for sale to go along with the meat. Mother nature willing, greens too. It may be our last week of the season, but it sure has been a good run. I am very thankful to all of you for supporting Potter Hill and making my first season a success. I know it’s not easy to add a separate trip to your busy lives just for veggies, especially now that the sun goes down so soon after coming up. So thank you, thank you, thank you. And while I’m at it, a huge thank you to our family! I always try to write as “we” because I certainly have not done this alone. Our house has been a revolving door of family coming from all over the country and world to help however they’re able – from helping on the farm to helping with the babe, this season would have been a disaster without them. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving y’all!

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