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2019 CSA Registration Now Open!

Happy Spring everyone! Wait, it’s still February? I keep reminding myself that I’m not way behind, and that we are in fact in the midst of winter. We’ve had a pretty uneventful winter so far up here on the hill. Besides spending lots of time with the girls, I’ve kept busy looking for a business partner to raise animals, experimenting with winter growing (promising results…for next winter), and building a little greenhouse.

Although the temps have been mild, it’s hard to get too excited about the slushy snow/rain/ice pellet/sleet or whatever you want to call what’s been falling from the sky lately. But here is something to get excited about – registration is now open for our CSA. Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) was one of the few bright spots of a rough 2018 farming season. Not only did it keep the farm afloat, but the members loved it too! It was such a big hit that it’s already 2/3 full from returning members.

Click here to learn more about the CSA and/or to sign-up. Last year, the CSA filled up in less than a week, so delay at your own risk! Thank you for your consideration and support, and please share with anyone you think may be interested!

If you are unfamiliar with a CSA, it’s a relatively new and wonderful concept from the farmer’s perspective – the upfront expenses of seeds, supplies, and labor early in the season are steep, while veggies are a labor of love and patience. Without the revenue from pre-selling CSA shares, we don’t start earning anything back until the year is half over.

The CSA runs from June-October and pickups are Saturday morning from 10am-1pm (self-serve after 1pm), with 2 “skip weeks” built into the price. Unlike boxed CSAs where everyone gets the same box, you will be able to choose between some items. Two sizes are available – the small is roughly sized to feed two adults, and the large is roughly sized for a family of four.

Check out what our members said about their experience last year:

“Considering this was your first foray into a CSA and mine and that this was a horrible year for weather, I would say without a doubt WELL DONE! I especially like the flexibility each week in selecting different options. The only down side was that by mid-November I was craving farm fresh veggies and greens.

“The CSA was GREAT this year! It was just your first one and by far the most positive CSA experience we’ve had. SO happy to hear that you’ll be doing it again next year.”

“You should know how much we, your customers love having you here in Grafton. It’s so nice to know your farmer. Especially now that everything you get at the supermarket seems to be riddled with ecoli. It is comforting to know that someone as conscientious as you is growing the food we eat.”

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