Heirloom Vegetables

At Potter Hill Farm we are committed to growing heirloom vegetables. Generally, heirlooms are open-pollinated varieties of vegetables that were developed before World War II (i.e. before the rise of modern industrial agriculture). These varieties were developed by small farmers and gardeners and the seeds of successful varieties were carefully saved and passed down from generation to generation. These heirloom vegetables were typically selected for adaptation to the local climate and for exceptional flavor and beauty. With the advent of petroleum-fueled-and-fertilized industrial agriculture, the criteria used for crop selection changed. Modern vegetable varieties grown on most commercial farms have been selected for productivity, uniformity, disease resistance, and the ability to be shipped. Note that flavor and beauty are nowhere on that list.

You’ll find us selling our fresh veggies in season at the Grafton Farmers’ Market on Wednesdays from 2:00PM – 6PM. Please check the market website for more information.

You can also get our produce directly from the farm by ordering through The Market. Place your order before midnight on Sunday, and we’ll harvest your order for you on Monday morning. Please check the home page for current pickup location and times. You can order whatever you like from the list, or you can order a Garden Bag and let us fill a bag for you with our selection of what looks good that week.