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From pigs to corn…. and back again

Where we grazed our pigs last year, there is now corn growing.  The pigs helped to turn the soil (although I wish they would have been a bit more methodical) and fertilize the field.  I plowed and harrowed in May.  After picking tons of rocks – and not making a dent in the population – we were able to interplant corn and winter squash.  Then I went back and planted pole beans next to the 6-inch corn seedlings.  If all goes well, we should have a great harvest of flint corn, squash, and beans in the fall, some of which will go to feed this year’s pigs.

Not much new in the garden to add to the list this week – loads of fresh greens are available now, but more good things are coming soon.  Cabbage and cukes in the next couple of weeks, and tomatoes not much longer after that.  Beets and carrots are coming along, too.

Garden Shares are back!  Order a share through the website, and for $20 we’ll make you up a bag of what looks good from the garden this week.

And last but not least, Paul’s hens are laying, and eggs will be available on Monday first come, first served.

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