Weighed Unit

  • Cabbage, green

    ~ $6.00 / each

    Big green cabbage from Tangerini’s Farm

  • Cabbage, Red

    ~ $5.00 / each Approx. 3.00 lbs

    Beautiful red heads of cabbage.  Very sweet, great for slaw, sauerkraut, or roasting. From Tangerini’s.

  • Sunshine Squash

    ~ $4.50 / each Approx. 2.75 lbs

    Tangerini’s surprised me with this on the list this week, and I’ve been missing the winter squashes (tough year for them!), so naturally I jumped at the opportunity. I remember getting a few of these last year and they were delicious. From the seed catalogue: smooth, tender flesh that is sweet, bright orange, and excellent for baking, mashing, and pies.