• Apples from Foppema’s

    $2.50 / lb In stock

    Apples grown conventionally (not organic) from Foppema’s Farm. Macs mostly for cooking and Fujis for snacking.

  • Our fall planting is still a little ways off (if it even makes it!), so I stocked up from our friends at Aprilla Farm. Classic red beets.

  • Sweet fall orange carrots organically grown (not certified) by our friends at Tangerini’s Farm in Ashland. We have baby carrots still out in the field that hopefully will still size up, but until then these will more than do!

  • Well, actually you need to do the frying. Unripe green tomatoes, an end of season treat…get them while they last!

  • These flavorful and pungent red and yellow cooking onions are just the thing for soups and stews…. and every other recipe that starts with some chopped onion in a hot pan.

  • Two varieties of potato available. A yellow potato great for mashing and a purple one great for roasting. Both from our friends at Tangerini’s Farm.

  • Sweeeeeeet! Taters! The deer got every single one of our sweet potato vines this year, but fortunately our friends at Tangerini’s have enough to share. Organically grown (not certified), medium to large sweet potatoes.