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Franciszka is named after my Polish great grandmother, a strong matriarch and an immigrant in the flat land and expansive grey skies of northern France. This cheese is a cow’s milk cylinder of tangy, butteriness that coats your mouth with an unctuous creamy paste. It may be enjoyed immediately as a mild, moist button, or you may keep it for several weeks in its original packaging until it hardens to become a dense, golden nugget, speckled with blue and yellow mold. At this stage it is fantastic grated or sliced in flakes of buttery-ness. Slice a wedge of it to taste on its own or pair it with a warm baguette. On a cheese board, it stands well next to delicate charcuterie. For dessert, cover it with berries and drizzle honey on top for a satisfying meal’s end. Franciszka is made from pasteurized milk from our neighbors at Walnut Lane Farm.

Comes in roughly 7oz buttons.

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