• Classic red beets, have been a big seller this year. It seems beets are enjoying a well deserved renaissance.

  • Baby to medium sized sweet winter orange Potter Hill carrots – can’t be beat!

  • Celeriac

    ~ $3.00 / each Approx. 1.5 lbs

    Celeriac is a root vegetable with a mild celery flavor.  Great in soups and stews, mashed with potatoes, or shredded to make a slaw.

  • Three varieties of potato available. A yellow potato great for mashing, and red and purple ones great for roasting. Some from our friends at Tangerini’s Farm, some from my far too large “garden” this year.

  • Sweeeeeeet! Taters! Soooo good roasted. I’ve been skipping the pans and roasting them straight on the oven racks (only longer taters are good candidates). They come out like that fried plantain texture I crave.