• Classic red beets, have been a big seller this year. It seems beets are enjoying a well deserved renaissance.

  • Tangerini’s winter carrots – yum!

  • Parsnips

    $2.60 / lb

    To round out the selection, thought I’d add parsnips from Tangerini’s to the mix.

  • Yellow potatoes from Tangerini’s

  • New to the selection. Like watermelon radishes, but not quite as beautiful.

  • Rutabaga

    $2.60 / lb

    For a real treat on a cool fall night, chop into smallish pieces and roast until golden brown along with your other favorite roots. Rutabaga fries are devoured by our little ones, and even preferred to potato fries by this farmer.

  • Sweeeeeeet! Taters! Soooo good roasted. I’ve been skipping the pans and roasting them straight on the oven racks (only longer taters are good candidates). They come out like that fried plantain texture I crave.