• Roughly 10 pounds of easy to use cuts: 2 packs of stew beef, 1 shank (to make your stew super hearty), 2 premium steaks (Porterhouse or T-Bone) and a roast (chuck or top round roast).

    Price will vary from $125-145 depending on which sampler you choose at pickup.

  • Brisket

    ~ $75.00 / package Approx. 8 lbsOnly 2 left in stock

    Ah, the brisket.  One of best things I’ve ever done was smoke a brisket for 14 hours.  That thing was so black and crusty, it looked like it fell from space. If you don’t feel like firing up the smoker, one of these briskets will make a mean pot roast for friends and family. The butcher did not cut these up so they’re between 6-8lbs.

  • Chuck Pot Roast

    ~ $42.50 / package Approx. 4.25 lbsOnly 1 left in stock

    Nothing better than a good pot roast with hearty roots in the middle of January!

  • Short Ribs, Bone-in

    $19.00 Approx. 2 lbsOnly 1 left in stock

    Braised short ribs are one of my favorite dishes – you’re lucky I’m even sharing them with you!

  • Top round roast

    ~ $31.25 / package Approx. 2.50 lbsOnly 3 left in stock

    Best for braising, but you can get away with roasting this lean cut.  Just don’t overcook it – medium-rare is best. Great for roast beef