Leafy Greens

  • I am growing more cabbage and broccoli this year based on feedback from you all last year, but I can only dedicate so much space to them. If you are a broccoli or cabbage fiend, order away! 4 packs for $4. Seedlings are smaller than the cauliflower, but still a great size and ready to go in the ground. The varieties are a red cabbage and a summer tolerant broccoli, mix and match – choose when you get here.

  • I just realized I potted up way too many cauliflower plants. My mistake is your gain if you like cauliflower and have garden space left! Although it’s a few weeks late, they’ve been potted up into large cells so they really shouldn’t be behind schedule. Look great and ready to go in the ground!

  • All heirloom varieties, we’ll harvest what looks best that day. From the tunnel and oh so delicious!

  • Swiss chard

    $3.00 / bunch Only 3 left in stock

    It took a little longer to join the party, but chard is here! If you’re not sure about swiss chard – sautee in butter, add minced fresh garlic and white whine, braise until it’s as tender as you like it. ¬†You’ll be a convert.

  • Yokatta Na

    $3.00 / bunch Only 1 left in stock

    A new green for us…after tasting it the first time this spring, I wanted to know more. I didn’t find much but I did learn that it means (roughly I’m sure) “that’s good” in Japanese. And it is! Big beautiful leaves a little smaller than kale but it has more of a spinach taste than most Asian greens.